Closing the circle - Bringing Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Home



Solid waste management and good governance are two sides of the same coin. This point was made clear by the British scholar Sir David Wilson who said that the state of solid waste management in a city is perhaps the best indicator of the state of urban governance.Or to put it more simply: no one takes the government of a city seriously when there is garbage all over the place. This publication is primarily intended for practitioners in the fieldof waste management in developing countries. It is a reference that combines theory and practice. In the first chapter of this publication the Integrated Sustainable Waste Management(ISWM) framework is introduced. In the following chapters the sub-themes of the LOGO South Thematic Programme are discussed: (1) Integration of Solid Waste Management in Municipal Policies, (2) Financial Sustainability, and (3) Community Participation and Communication. For each, case examples are given from LOGO South and other solid waste programmes. The publication ends with some final conclusions based on the overall approach.


  • VNG International, The Hague, The Netherlands


  • Anne Scheinberg
  • Jeroen IJgosse
  • Frits Fransen
  • Valentin Post

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  • Communication
  • Financing
  • Legal Framework
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