Basic occupational health services_their structure, content and objectives



In response to the global challenges to develop occupational health services, the WHO/ILO/ICOH Joint Efforton the Development of Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS) was launched. A model frameworkproviding guidance in the principles, content, models, and resources of BOHS was drawn up. The ultimateobjective of the BOHS initiative is to provide occupational health services for all working people in the world,regardless of the sector of economy, mode of employment, size of the workplace, or geographic location. In thispaper, the background for BOHS with respect to policy and public health theory is described, the modelinfrastructure is elucidated, and the stepwise development, as well as the necessary human resources, arediscussed.


  • SJWEH Suppl 2005;no 1:5–15


  • Rantanen J

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